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Bristol Old Vic audition (22nd of January 2016)

First of all it is a trek to Bristol – oh my days.

When I finally arrived at the school a lady behind the reception desk gave me a piece of sight reading and she told me to sit down and wait for my name to be called.

They were running 15 minutes late so I got chatting to this lovely girl called Grace and she was telling me about where she was auditioning and how she was getting on – the usual drama school pre- audition chit chat. Then I was called in by one of the acting tutors at Bristol. I thought how good is that – the tutor actually came out and not the graduate (who was the second member of the panel.)

I walked in to a wide but not very deep room, with large bay windows facing in front of me which had brilliant light (so I was pretty happy.) They had me sit down and they started with the interview, which I thought was a bit different but hey ho. They asked me did I know Bristol? Which I thought was a bit of an odd question and I explained that I had only been twice to Bristol; once to see the Crucible at the actual Bristol Old Vic Theatre and a second time to audition for Bristol. They also asked me how I got on last year (straight rejection,) where else I applied, but not however how I had got on at the other schools. They asked me the name of my pieces and my song title and then told me to take my space.

Monologue time.

So my classical went okay… not as good as I felt for other schools but alright. They said thank you and then I composed myself and went in to my modern. As soon as I started the acting tutor had a chuckle and it was nice to hear because it is a comedic monologue and some schools have just stared at me through the whole of it…. so yeah, nice to hear. Then I sang my song and she was laughing again, and to be honest I didn’t know this song could be funny but I was really thinking about the words more than ‘oh how am I singing this’ and maybe it helped the comedy in it? Who knows ey! And then, quite strange, the acting tutor on the panel called me back to sit on the chair to talk… weird, am I not supposed to be sight reading now? She then told me I had really good comic timing and she really liked my pieces (Sorry replay, I’m getting compliments in my audition?!) and then she asked me have you played any comedy roles before? And all I could think of as 11 year old me in the biggest, sweatiest lion costume in my dance school’s production of the wizard of oz…. but thankfully she asked me after that what the most interesting part you’ve ever played and I said Lady Macbeth (which was probably a more substantial answer) and then we were taking about how she is multi-faceted character with many ways to play her. Pretty cool.

And then out of the blue the tutor said ‘right, we better do the sight reading then’ and I was like oh I totally forgot because my mind was everywhere! But I did that, done and dusted and they said thank you very much and you will hear in a week. And I replied cool (and blushed as soon as I said it) and left the room.

I had my audition on the Friday and on the Monday following I received an email at 10 in the morning inviting me to a final recall… so.happy. 😀

Next audition up is Man Met x


LAMDA audition (16th of January 2016)

LAMDA is a school that I have applied to twice before and have been flat out rejected twice as well. So honestly I was not expecting that much from today.

My slot was at 12:30 and I arrived just in the nick of time to be greeted by a current student and he showed me where I had to go to wait. I’ve never actually been to LAMDA before, I’ve always auditioned regionally, so it was nice to actually see the school. It had a really nice vibe here and all of the students were really friendly and chatty – which I liked. My past experiences with LAMDA couldn’t have been more dramatically opposite, so today was looking up. I was then called and I went up two flights of stairs and had a little wait just before going in to see the audition panel. I did a few spine rolls and centred myself and as my name was called I walked in.

First of all, NICE space. A girl had light, space and good acoustics. What more could you ask for? I sat down and the panel had a brief chat with me and then I got up and performed my two pieces. They thanked me and told me I was going in for an interview and I could ask any questions I wanted to about LAMDA.

The interview was more like an informal chat really, just to get to know you and what you’re up to. Like other schools, they also asked me where else I have applied and how I am getting on. Tricky because you never know what they want to hear but I’m always going by ‘honesty is the best policy’ and I keep the story as it is. Then they asked me why LAMDA and then I was free to go.

But awkward moment as I realised walking out I left my bag and coat in the waiting room!! And as it was the break for lunch I passed the panel members on the way to the waiting room *palm face*!! The woman smiled at me and said hello but the man didn’t even look my way so yes, I had a mini heart attack. But I thought to myself hey I’m like the only one left in the LAMDA corridor so lets have a look around!! And whilst I was walking back to the entrance I was admiring all the pictures of alumni on the walls and it curiously reminded me a lot of RADA, and I thought maybe I could like it here.

I found out on my train to my Bristol Old Vic audition that LAMDA were recalling me to the final round anytime after April…. say what now??? Literally I was so shocked because of my straight no’s in the past… ( I sat like a grinning idiot all the way to Bristol. That was a good day.)

And speaking of Bristol… that was my next audition 🙂 x


Guildhall audition (15th of January 2016)

Guildhall School of Music and Drama… this is like one of my dream schools.

I got up like 3 hours early (probably out of excitement) but I did my warm ups, went for breakfast, and made my way to Sundial court.

There were a couple of people waiting when I got there and I got chatting and everyone seemed lovely. We then went to a small room with 3 recent grads waiting inside. They took our names and we were given a number for the warm up sesh. I was already feeling pretty warm as I had spent all morning annoying the next door neighbours I’m sure in the hotel (hehe) but it was very casual at guildhall and I liked it. Basically just walking round the space at different speeds, looking into people’s eyes and voice warm ups with stretches.

We then had a no-acting exercise were we walked forward a few steps, as if we were passing a shop window, and we saw something we really liked but then realised we had no money for it and walked away. The key was NO ACTING. It does sound silly ‘no acting’ as your auditioning for an acting course, but Guildhall really seem to be looking for people who are natural. Then we were asked to come up one by one and say our name, what we noticed this morning, why we love acting and the first line of our Shakey. Now there is a pressure to sound very intelligent here and have long-winded answers but if you just say it and own your space and not be apologetic in your answers then it’s more thrilling to watch. (This is what the panel told us all after we had all been up)

As I was given the number 1 at the beginning of the morning I was then first in to see the panel. I felt ready, especially just coming out of the warm up and I was genuinely excited to show them my pieces. They saw all 3 pieces, not my song however, and re-directed my modern and my second Shakespeare. In my second Shakespeare they had me run up and down the length of the room like 5 times and then start my piece and I suddenly had a new energy to my speech and yeah I think it went well. They then sat me down for the interview and asked me where else I had applied to and how I have been getting on/ what am I up to lately/ where can you see yourself in 10 years time/ do you have any questions. And then that was it. Done and dusted.

So as I was first to go in I had to wait for the 9 other people to have their audition slot so bring a book/ipod or go outside for lunch because it can be a wait at guildhall! Finally after everyone had been in to see the panel the two panellists walked in to our waiting room and gave the usual heavy speech ‘there are thousands of people applying for only so many places etc etc you get my drift.’ And they announced that they were only recalling one person today…


I was so shocked I replied ‘are you sure?’ and they laughed and said ‘yes.’ :’) So a pretty good day! But a long way to go as there is another 2 day final round after the one I am going to! The next audition up was the following day for LAMDA x


Central – CSSD audition (7th of January 2016)

I feel like Central is one of those schools you either love or hate. If you’re going to audition there you’ll know what I mean.

The first thing you’re asked to do in Central is to write down your pieces on three different sheets for the three pathways; BA Acting, BA Musical Theatre and BA CDT. Then about 80-100 of you are pushed into this really narrow studio to sit and listen to a member of staff convince you that the other courses are just as good as the BA Acting. That’s probably why everyone is auditioned for all the courses on the same day because there isn’t enough demand for MT and CDT as there is for the Acting.

So after the chat and very quick warm up with the member of staff we were split into groups of about 15. My first session was the dreaded CDT conjoined with MT at the end of it. I literally cannot stand CDT. We just do not get on. Like you know all of the drama school horror stories you hear? Well yeah that’s basically CDT. ‘Be yellow’, ‘be water’, ‘be an airplane’


Moving swiftly on to MT we all had to sing a few bars of our unaccompanied song. I was happy with my song and I actually don’t mind singing in auditions, but I knew my monologue session later on was where I wanted to get a recall.

We then had a tour of the school (which I already knew back to front as I auditioned last year for Central and spent a week working in admissions the year before that) so really my mind was on seeing the panel. By the way just thought I would mention, I think it’s actually one of the good things that Central do (taking you on a tour) because it really makes the most of the £50 that you’re spending on the day. Whereas, for other schools, you’re in and out in 15 minutes. So props to Central for that.

After the tour was the panel session – FINALLY!! Walking in I found two lovely women on the panel who were full of energy and seemed really normal! One of the ladies then got up into the space, looking at us all, and explained what would happen and what to do/not to do. I thought how nice to be welcomed like that, especially as my group had a lot of 17/18 year olds auditioning. Btw in Central you do your monologues in front of your group who sit on either sides of the room. It can be a nice sharing experience, and luckily my group were all great listeners, so I felt like people were really performing well. NOTE TO ANYONE AUDITIONING AT CENTRAL: don’t switch off and think about your pieces/ what you’re going to have for lunch/ did you feed your cat etc. because the panel will notice this and you need to give not take any space whilst other people are auditioning. I have sat and watched a piece of theatre in Glasgow once and seen actors do this and it’s not cute – trust me. Anyways, I got up and did my pieces and I felt they went okay. The panel thanked me and I sat down. We all then took a break for lunch.

After lunch was results time…

I was recalled. yay. and praise the lord it was for BA Acting!!

The afternoon recall consisted of a panel of 3 members; a visiting director, a voice tutor and an acting tutor. In my recall there was 6 of us and we started with a warm up and went into a movement and voice sesh. All good I thought and I enjoyed it. Then I went up to do my second classical speech that I had prepared (Rosalind) and and I had a BA student and another auditionee fill in as the other characters in the scene. (At recalls always expect direction.) I was given the direction to really talk to the other characters and not at them, and the panel were laughing so I thought that they enjoyed it.

I found out a week later that I did not make it to final recalls. I wasn’t that upset because I never really had a fantastic vibe off the school but it was nice to be recalled to the second round anyway! Good luck if you’re auditioning to this school though, it definitely has a good rep x



RADA audition (10th of December 2015)

My first drama school audition for the year was ironically at … RADA.

I made my way to Gower Street and walked through the main entrance to RADA and was greeted by a group of people who were auditioning as well. We we taken to a small conference room by Sally Power (admissions lady) who chatted about the audition process and was generally very welcoming and helpful. We filled out our forms and then I was called with two others by a student to see the panel. I was second to be seen so I had some time to relax, breathe and think about what I wanted to show in my pieces.

My name was called…

I walk in to a panel of two; a man and a woman, both middle-aged and greeting me with a warm smile. I say hello and sit down and they make informal chat about where I am from and what the weather is like…

Anyway, so I get up and move the chair and take my space. I do my classical  – it goes well and I was pretty pleased. Then I go to do my modern and things seem to be going okay but I’m losing my focus and I don’t know why. So bar the slip in the middle I pull it together at the end, but I just think to myself ‘keep going.’ The panel then asked me back to come and chat to them. They asked me the usual questions – what am I up to lately, what theatre am I doing/seen/ etc and why do I want to come to RADA.

I shake their hands and thank them for their time and then I leave to get my train home. To be honest I thought the audition had gone well and my result came a week later.

I had been recalled for the foundation. Not overly happy to be honest, as the BA was my goal, but I was happy that I had a recall for RADA! Next up for me was Central!



Hello there 🙂

So, I have decided to make a blog about my drama school auditions for the 2016 entry!

Admittedly, I have already had 5 first round auditions for this year but I will post them all separately on to this new blog! I’m excited to get started – never done this before! 😀

The schools I have applied for this year (in the order of dates) :

RADA, Central, Guildhall, LAMDA, Bristol Old Vic, Man Met and Drama Centre

Happy reading x