Bristol Old Vic audition (22nd of January 2016)

First of all it is a trek to Bristol – oh my days.

When I finally arrived at the school a lady behind the reception desk gave me a piece of sight reading and she told me to sit down and wait for my name to be called.

They were running 15 minutes late so I got chatting to this lovely girl called Grace and she was telling me about where she was auditioning and how she was getting on – the usual drama school pre- audition chit chat. Then I was called in by one of the acting tutors at Bristol. I thought how good is that – the tutor actually came out and not the graduate (who was the second member of the panel.)

I walked in to a wide but not very deep room, with large bay windows facing in front of me which had brilliant light (so I was pretty happy.) They had me sit down and they started with the interview, which I thought was a bit different but hey ho. They asked me did I know Bristol? Which I thought was a bit of an odd question and I explained that I had only been twice to Bristol; once to see the Crucible at the actual Bristol Old Vic Theatre and a second time to audition for Bristol. They also asked me how I got on last year (straight rejection,) where else I applied, but not however how I had got on at the other schools. They asked me the name of my pieces and my song title and then told me to take my space.

Monologue time.

So my classical went okay… not as good as I felt for other schools but alright. They said thank you and then I composed myself and went in to my modern. As soon as I started the acting tutor had a chuckle and it was nice to hear because it is a comedic monologue and some schools have just stared at me through the whole of it…. so yeah, nice to hear. Then I sang my song and she was laughing again, and to be honest I didn’t know this song could be funny but I was really thinking about the words more than ‘oh how am I singing this’ and maybe it helped the comedy in it? Who knows ey! And then, quite strange, the acting tutor on the panel called me back to sit on the chair to talk… weird, am I not supposed to be sight reading now? She then told me I had really good comic timing and she really liked my pieces (Sorry replay, I’m getting compliments in my audition?!) and then she asked me have you played any comedy roles before? And all I could think of as 11 year old me in the biggest, sweatiest lion costume in my dance school’s production of the wizard of oz…. but thankfully she asked me after that what the most interesting part you’ve ever played and I said Lady Macbeth (which was probably a more substantial answer) and then we were taking about how she is multi-faceted character with many ways to play her. Pretty cool.

And then out of the blue the tutor said ‘right, we better do the sight reading then’ and I was like oh I totally forgot because my mind was everywhere! But I did that, done and dusted and they said thank you very much and you will hear in a week. And I replied cool (and blushed as soon as I said it) and left the room.

I had my audition on the Friday and on the Monday following I received an email at 10 in the morning inviting me to a final recall… so.happy. 😀

Next audition up is Man Met x

8 thoughts on “Bristol Old Vic audition (22nd of January 2016)

  1. Gemma Steele

    Ah I’m so jealous! Had my audition the same day! My audition was probably the reason yours was late! Mine went exactly the same with being complimented and they reworked my monologue and had me sit back down for a more character based interview so it felt really promising- meaning it was even more gutting getting rejected! Please check out my blog and a guest blog I wrote good luck at your recall!


    1. Aspiring Actress Post author

      Hi Gemma, I’m sorry to hear about Bristol – rejection really sucks I know, so I am sorry. But hey girl I’ve already read your blog post on honest actors haha it was very good! I’ll reply to your other Q now x


  2. Gemma Steele

    Hi! Tried to comment on this earlier but maybe it didn’t work properly? But if it did- apologies for repeating myself. So jealous of your recall at Bristol! I was on the same day as you! My audition was probably the reason yours was running late! Mine went really similarly to yours! It was double the length of what it was meant to be, they reworked my pieces, complimented my song and asked me to sit back down for a second interview so it felt really promising! Meaning I was extra gutted to get a rejection! Can I ask, how have you got on previous years? This is my first year doing auditions and it’s been largely unsuccessful- just a recall for lamda foundation- wanted to ask as you are rolling in recalls this year so wanted to know whether you think being older effects that? Good luck for all your auditions X


    1. Aspiring Actress Post author

      Yeah I as I said in the man met blog you really can never dissect the panel because you really can never know what’s going on in their head! I’m 19 turning 20 but this is only my second time auditioning. Last year I applied 9 schools and a 1/3 I got recalls to. I got 2 waiting lists and a third round workshop. This year I’ve applied to 7 schools and so far I’ve had recalls at 6 of them – still got 1 to go. Maybe it does help that I am a little older, I don’t know, but I think I feel more relaxed in them because I know now what to expect. I hope auditions go well for you and thank you for reading my blog x



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