LAMDA audition (16th of January 2016)

LAMDA is a school that I have applied to twice before and have been flat out rejected twice as well. So honestly I was not expecting that much from today.

My slot was at 12:30 and I arrived just in the nick of time to be greeted by a current student and he showed me where I had to go to wait. I’ve never actually been to LAMDA before, I’ve always auditioned regionally, so it was nice to actually see the school. It had a really nice vibe here and all of the students were really friendly and chatty – which I liked. My past experiences with LAMDA couldn’t have been more dramatically opposite, so today was looking up. I was then called and I went up two flights of stairs and had a little wait just before going in to see the audition panel. I did a few spine rolls and centred myself and as my name was called I walked in.

First of all, NICE space. A girl had light, space and good acoustics. What more could you ask for? I sat down and the panel had a brief chat with me and then I got up and performed my two pieces. They thanked me and told me I was going in for an interview and I could ask any questions I wanted to about LAMDA.

The interview was more like an informal chat really, just to get to know you and what you’re up to. Like other schools, they also asked me where else I have applied and how I am getting on. Tricky because you never know what they want to hear but I’m always going by ‘honesty is the best policy’ and I keep the story as it is. Then they asked me why LAMDA and then I was free to go.

But awkward moment as I realised walking out I left my bag and coat in the waiting room!! And as it was the break for lunch I passed the panel members on the way to the waiting room *palm face*!! The woman smiled at me and said hello but the man didn’t even look my way so yes, I had a mini heart attack. But I thought to myself hey I’m like the only one left in the LAMDA corridor so lets have a look around!! And whilst I was walking back to the entrance I was admiring all the pictures of alumni on the walls and it curiously reminded me a lot of RADA, and I thought maybe I could like it here.

I found out on my train to my Bristol Old Vic audition that LAMDA were recalling me to the final round anytime after April…. say what now??? Literally I was so shocked because of my straight no’s in the past… ( I sat like a grinning idiot all the way to Bristol. That was a good day.)

And speaking of Bristol… that was my next audition 🙂 x


4 thoughts on “LAMDA audition (16th of January 2016)

  1. ellam

    I got a final recall for LAMDA as well! Although I can’t find anything anywhere about what happens at the recall so I’m pretty nervous!

    Well done for your various recalls etc this year 🙂


  2. Nina

    Hi, first of all, congratulations on your success, you may be one of the most successful auditionees ever! I especially admire your success at LAMDA since it’s my dream school 🙂 and speaking about LAMDA, I’m a little confused now; you wrote “I found out on my train to my Bristol Old Vic audition that LAMDA were recalling me to the final round anytime after April”, so you can go to the final round straight after the first audition? Thanks in advance x


  3. Aspiring Actress Post author

    Hello Nina! Thanks for your comment! Yeah well let’s hope one of these recalls turns into a place! For LAMDA there is another round that I skipped … Don’t ask me how haha :’) but yes you can skip that middle round and go straight through to the final – in lamda it’s called’a first second round’ which is basically a repeat of the first round. So I guess it depends on your first round audition whether you go through the whole process or you just go through to the final recall day. I hope that answers your question! Good luck if you’re applying x



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