RADA audition (10th of December 2015)

My first drama school audition for the year was ironically at … RADA.

I made my way to Gower Street and walked through the main entrance to RADA and was greeted by a group of people who were auditioning as well. We we taken to a small conference room by Sally Power (admissions lady) who chatted about the audition process and was generally very welcoming and helpful. We filled out our forms and then I was called with two others by a student to see the panel. I was second to be seen so I had some time to relax, breathe and think about what I wanted to show in my pieces.

My name was called…

I walk in to a panel of two; a man and a woman, both middle-aged and greeting me with a warm smile. I say hello and sit down and they make informal chat about where I am from and what the weather is like…

Anyway, so I get up and move the chair and take my space. I do my classical  – it goes well and I was pretty pleased. Then I go to do my modern and things seem to be going okay but I’m losing my focus and I don’t know why. So bar the slip in the middle I pull it together at the end, but I just think to myself ‘keep going.’ The panel then asked me back to come and chat to them. They asked me the usual questions – what am I up to lately, what theatre am I doing/seen/ etc and why do I want to come to RADA.

I shake their hands and thank them for their time and then I leave to get my train home. To be honest I thought the audition had gone well and my result came a week later.

I had been recalled for the foundation. Not overly happy to be honest, as the BA was my goal, but I was happy that I had a recall for RADA! Next up for me was Central!

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