Recall audition – Guildhall

I was so excited for this day. I just couldn’t actually believe that I was going back to Guildhall. Even though it technically wasn’t Guildhall it was Sundial Court (again) but nevertheless, I was going back to audition for the BA.

I got there with 10 minutes to spare and found a couple of people waiting. Good lord were people focused and tense. We were then asked to walk inside to the little waiting area with the 3 grads. I knew who they all were ( sorry major drama school stalker over here) but I just tried to remain focused. We wrote down the name of our pieces and song and then all went in to the panel for the movement/ warm up sesh. We started with walking around the room, meeting people’s gaze and observing what was around us. Then we went into a voice warm up, doing lots of breath and voice exercises and trying to loosen up the whole body. After this we were split into 3 groups and we were asked to make a shape spontaneously and then for the rest of the group to follow on. The main guy then asked us to freeze this shape and then continue the shape into a movement together as a group. We did more ensemble work as a group like making numbers like ‘107’ and to make a grand castle. I felt like all was going well and the other auditionees were actually really nice.

We also did the walk up to the spot and say our name, where we were from, what we like about acting etc. and a really funny thing happened that I noticed. When I walked up, took a breath and said my same the panel were gleaming – teeth and all. Then I said where I was from ( not London) and where I was born and both of their faces fell instantly. This really shocked me. You would think being at an acting school they would be able to conceal instant reactions …. Evidently not. But anyways I did not say anything – who knows maybe I should have been witty about the moment to laugh off their reaction, but I carried on and they said thank you and I sat down. After everyone had been up the main guy stood up and basically said there and then not all of you will be recalled, this is a really tough process and industry … Well basically he was looking at me and saying no. Fabulous. Then he said, but don’t worry we want you to do well! …

I was second to go in so I decided to warm up outside of the waiting area because oh my days the tension! I really concentrated on my breathing and I felt a lot calmer for it. I knew I could do this, it was just a matter of showing these 2 guys that I could. One of the grads then walked me up to the panel and he was making general chit chat with me, probably to make me feel comfortable which I thought was nice. My name was called and as I walked in the guildhall grad prounced my name to the panel.

I did my classical with the help of the grad and he smiled at me at the end of it and I thought hey that went okay. Then I went into my modern and the grad had a chuckle and at the end the main guy had a little chuckle, so again looked good. Then they asked for my 3rd piece and then asked me to sit down. No redirection at a recall? They  wanted to know about me and my travelling and they seemed really interested in what I learned from that. Then the main guy asked me so you’re applying to such and such schools and I replied yes and then he smiled and said okay. Then they finished the interview, said thank you and that was it.

I didn’t make it to the final round. Honestly, still trying to figure out what I did wrong, but the more I think of it I don’t think it was anything I did wrong. I honestly portrayed those characters to the best of my ability. Maybe that’s why I’m not crippled with the mourning of the guildhall dream right now 😉 haha give it a few weeks sure but I truly think that the decision was out of my hands. I got my feedback from guildhall and you’ll never guess… I got the grade B (which is good possible recall) in all of the acting and interview categories for things like truth, connection, courage, ability to listen and communicate and things like that. However, there it was, marked and underlined at the bottom – ‘whether our particular course would suit the talents of the candidate.’ So there you have it, guildhall didn’t think I was right for them. Don’t get me wrong I am sad about it, but I still know that there will be a right place for me.

Truth be told one of the main main reasons I applied to Guildhall is because I love the work of Patsy Rodenburg. Like that woman is a Shakespeare voice God and she really knows her stuff. And do you know what? She wasn’t even at the recall. But I’m determined. I’m still reading all her books and I’m sure I will get to meet her one day, even if I won’t be trained by her at guildhall :’)

Remember everyone keep smiling – someone has to get into drama school 😛

Bye for now! Next up is Drama Centre!! X






12 thoughts on “Recall audition – Guildhall

    1. Aspiring Actress Post author

      I know right… There wasn’t any need for that really, but that was their instant reaction. Quite sad though to think that they think in that way.

      And thank you!! Have you auditioned to DC before? This will be my first time auditioning there!


  1. Liyad

    Hi , thanks so much for posting your experiences, it is very helpful and you are very kind for doing so :). How do you get feedback from your guildhall audition, who are you meant to call/email? Thank you



      Hey Hun

      How are you? Have you been up to much?

      East 15 have just sent me a letter and have given me a weeks notice and I have an audition with them next week :O :O.

      Have you got any feedback/advice on the east 15 process?

      And how’s your prep going Hun?

      Kind Regards



      1. Aspiring Actress Post author

        Hey there! I’m well thank you 🙂
        Well good luck for your audition! Unfortunately I don’t know anything about East 15 or their audition process – I’ve never auditioned there. Just be yourself and play the truth, that’s the best thing I can say really. Let me know how it goes!! 🙂


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