National Youth Theatre audition & Drama Centre news (16th of February 2016)

Hiya. I’m back again. πŸ˜€

The National Youth Theatre/NYT. A young person’s dream who’s interested in drama. Well, it’s been my dream for a long time. Anyways, shall we get to the audition? Okay let’s go.

Today I decided to go to the London headquarters of the National Youth Theatre. Been dabbling in regionals a couple of times now so I decided for the lucky 2016 to come down to the old smoke!

So I walked in to a green room to tens of hopefuls waiting! Everybody gets a sticker to write your name on and then you are split into 2 groups. Leading my group was the lovely Joan and Tom, who were both theatre professionals. Honestly, this year I really enjoyed my workshop. I didn’t feel pressurised or anything. Just had a laugh. The morning workshop is just about having fun and listening to your ensemble. Lots of fun dancing like nobody is watching, playing Sherrif or ‘bang’ as some of you may call it and unraveling yourself out of a giant human knot – literally. Arms, legs, hands etc. You get to know your group pretty well.

After the workshop you have a lunch break and then everybody is given their own time to audition to one of your workshop leaders. In your separate audition one of the NYT ambassadors also joins in just to watch, or to help you if needed which is reassuring. NYT really makes you feel comfortable at all times. I’ve always had the feeling that they’re looking out for you and that they want you to do well!

I hope I did enough this year. But if not, I’ll be back!! And I’m sure I would enjoy it again because of the lovely time I had today! If you have any NYT stories/ experiences that you would like to share please leave a comment – would love to hear all about it πŸ˜€

So the news from Drama Centre…



πŸ™Š x




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