Final round audition- Drama Centre

This was my first final round of the year. The big fromage. But I was feeling good and ready to go.

Going back to Drama Centre was exciting and I was looking forward to essentially a day of training at the school! If you guys check out Louise’s blog – ‘Another Drama School Blog’ she gives a pretty clear view of the day and it was pretty similar to mine.

The day started at 9am and I saw 3 people who were at my third round and we all congregated in the middle of the building waiting for the instructions from the student helper. I noticed that they were holding MA auditions and BA first rounds on the same day of the BA final, so it was quite an operation that Drama Centre were running!

There was about 17 of us there for the final round and we were split into 3 groups for the morning. I had 3 x 45 minute sessions of improvisation, voice and movement. The improv was a little scary but I think it’s more of a fear of the unknown with improv which makes me edgy – but all in all a good and stimulating sesh! The voice sesh was sooo good and the lady made me feel so at ease when I walked in. We just did general exercises to free the voice and walked around the space trying to fill it with these exercises in mind. The movement … Ah the movement. I am completely agreeing with Louise that an ice bath is in order because oh my sweet lord I thought I was going to hurl in that movement class.

But hallelujah I survived.


Throughout these morning sessions we had a 2nd year BA acting student who took us round and sat in our classes. I’ve noticed at Drama Centre that they actually allow the acting students to be a part of the panel (which isn’t like most schools) as you usually get graduates of the school watching you, not current students. But I think that’s great in a way. Made me feel a lot calmer actually, so I didn’t mind. We had about 30 mins for lunch and then our groups were switched around again for our afternoon sessions.

The afternoon sessions consisted of speeches, sight reading and singing. The speeches session was really more of an intense workshop to see if you could be redirected in a different way. It was challenging but enjoyable as well because you felt like you were being creatively stretched! Plus you can’t go wrong with a bit of Shakey now 😉 aka drama heaven 😀 The singing and sight reading wasn’t that scary either :’) After those 3 sessions we had another break for about 20 minutes and then we were all back infront of the whole panel to do our speech we worked on earlier. We were split into 3 different groups again and we all went up and one at a time performed our speech in our group while the panel made notes.

Going to be honest, everyone was pretty damn good. I definitely felt like I was at a final round. We then had a Q&A sesh and then we finally left.

I felt like I had done my best and I got on with everyone I had worked with that day. Regardless of the result, I met a lot of like-minded people who were genuinely interested in things and so were in effect interesting. The day for me was also a learning opportunity as I got my speech worked by a professional tutor and I got to watch everyone’s speeches.

Quick sidetrack but definitely relevant – the 2nd year student told me that this year for the 2016 entry 4,200 applications had been made for the BA Acting course at Drama Centre!! :O Whereas last year there was only 3,900 applications, which by the way is only for 16 slots to fill… God do I dislike talking drama school numbers but my extremely long-winded point is that I’m so happy that I made it to the final.

Hopefully I will know of the result soon!

Next up is the man met recall x






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