Hello guys – sorry I’ve been a little absent lately but I will be uploading some more posts soon! Some drama school and some National Youth Theatre posts!

Hope everyone is having a good summer 🙌

Until next time,

AA x

(Aspiring Actress) 

3 thoughts on “Update 

  1. Thomas

    Hi there!

    I think your blog is fantastic – it’s always so useful to hear of other people’s unique experiences with auditions. Thanks so much for being so helpful! I don’t know if you’re still using this blog, but I’d love to hear a bit about what you did in the year before your second try at auditions. I fell at the last hurdle at a couple of schools this year (my first go), and I worry a lot about doing productive things during my time up until next year’s auditions. If you had any insight into what you got up to then I would absolutely love to hear about it 🙂

    Otherwise, a massive congratulations for LAMDA – you must be over the moon x

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    1. Aspiring Actress Post author

      Hi Thomas,

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you found my little blog helpful – good to hear!
      So in my gap year I worked and saved up a few bob, I went to acting workshops in London, I read all the acting books I could find and tried to see lots of theatre!! I joined local am drams/ theatre companies, I did a bit of TV runner work and I went travelling as well. I’d say make a plan – keep busy and don’t let the ball drop because then you get lazy and it can also get lonely on a gap year (especially if your mates have moved on to uni.)
      So yeah just keep busy and motivated in your tasks and I’d say set yourself targets as well. I think what was hard for me was the no structure side of a gap year because you come from 9-6 days at 6th form to practically your own timetable. It was hard and it is hard but it is definitely doable.

      I hope this was slightly helpful… good luck for this year and do comment back to let me know how you get on!!

      And thank you, yes, I am still pinching myself all the time that I’m at LAMDA. Very lucky indeed.

      All my best,

      AA x


      1. Thomas

        Thank you so much for your lovely reply; it’s appreciated more than you know! That’s very useful advice, I really hear you on the front of keeping busy. I’m very glad to hear you did some travelling, I’m actually out exploring a new corner of the world at the moment, and I know different people have different views on it! I think it’s a very worthwhile experience.

        Very much looking forward to auditioning for LAMDA again – glad to hear it’s going well for you.

        Thanks again!
        Best Wishes,
        Thomas x

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