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New Year, new me? Plus musings on first term at LAMDA…

Haaaaappy New Year WordPress!!

Hello everyone šŸ˜€ How are we all? I’ve literally just logged into WordPress now and around this time last year I made this site on the whim and the stats today, right now, are crazy. Just wanted to say thank you to all the readers out there for supporting my blog over this past year! I’ve loved reading all the emails and seeing other people being inspired from this to start writing their own WordPress blogs. Absolute awesome feeling.


So, the New Year! Have we all made resolutions? Looking back on my last year resolutions I said to myself: now listen, you are getting into NYT and getting a BA place at drama school – and somehow all that positive thinking came true. I was recently recommended the book ‘The Secret’ and it talks about how to utiliseĀ the positive Laws of Attraction in the universe…. now I know that may sound a little different but a little different is GOOD sometimes so trust me – get this book.

For this year my new year resolution is to explore more. Explore London more for one; and to have courage to explore my choices. Good actors make good choices and to do that I think you have to beĀ comfortable to be bold. So that’s what I am setting myself for this year šŸ™‚

My first term at LAMDA has been wonderful and I can honestly say I feel more in my body and voice. Adjusting to 38 contact hours a week was tough at first but you get used to it; and to be honest – I quite enjoy the intensity. (Oh yeah – it takes a special type of person to say that, I know.)

Looking back now, it hasn’t been easy though because I feel drama school is as much reflective as it is active. So in a sense, I could do exercises all day but only whenĀ I come home to process what the hell just happened to my body do I ‘absorb’ the lesson. Therefore the lessons require your constant, personal reflection to help you grow. So it has been tough, but then again, it’s just what I asked for :’)

So for you readers out there who are auditioning this year (and yes I may be popping around at your LAMDA audition ;))Ā – just to confirm – it’s worth it.


All my best,

AA x

(Aspiring Actress)