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Thoughts after the National Youth Theatre 2016

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Okay, don’t kill me, I know this has been a while BUT I’m back. Moving to London and beginning drama school has been insane and this is the first moment I’ve actually had to sit and write; so here we go.
The National Youth Theatre.

I don’t think I’ve ever met such like-minded, genuinely decent people in my life. I know that seems quite the compliment but I mean it.

We laughed, we cried, we raved, we danced, we wrote, we sung, we made stories and we all made really good friends. I bloody loved it and the people that I worked with just completely made it for me. Hands down. And now I am officially a member of NYT!!! 😀

The Trinity Laban halls turned out to be rather interesting… As in I AM GLAD TO HAVE EXPERIENCED HALLS BUT NEVER AGAIN.

Oh my.

I couldn’t sleep some nights because some rather vocal, alcohol abused 18 year olds had – oh you know – little parties at 3 am and I was SO cool with it.

Nah I’m exaggerating a little – halls wasn’t that bad, but it was nice to have had the experience. The utter joy.

The best thing at NYT for me was probably the sense of community that I left with at the end. Now I know that sounds disgustingly cheesy of me but alas, it’s true. There was this final moment on the last day where all of the courses sang a song on the field opposite Trinity Laban and it was the most uplifting experience. It’s just the feeling of togetherness that I loved and it really clicked for me that this really is the true National Youth Theatre: just being together as a company and doing what we love.

I really urge anyone who is just the slightest bit interested in having fun – audition for the National Youth Theatre! Trust me, you will not regret it.

If you don’t get in the first time: ‘fail again, fail better.’ (Beckett)

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AA x

(Aspiring Actress)

P.S having a BALL at LAMDA 🙂


Thoughts before the National Youth Theatre 2016

Hey. How you doing. 

So earlier in April I was offered a place on the Senior Acting course at the National Youth Theatre for 3 weeks. Today is the 3rd of August and I’ve got 11 days to go before I start the course. As the date is coming up closer I’m getting more and more excited and I’m starting to just get all my things together!

A part of me though, admittedly, kind of dies inside because it is soooooo much money. £1500 to be exact. For the course and stay in Trinity Laban’s student halls. However I’ve been told by countless people now that if I’m staying in the halls I’m going to have the time of my life – so hopefully it lives out to expectation.

I received an email a couple of days ago from my course director with things that I need to bring/prepare. On the list was to bring a prepared modern monologue to work on, to bring some form of white clothing, to bring a party outfit (whatever that means to me) and to research NYT’s history. The research is asked as this year is a very special year because it is the 60th anniversary of the National Youth Theatre. So I’m sure the intake courses will be hitting on this celebration of all the brilliant work that the company has achieved in the past. I’ve wanted to be a part of this company for a while and I feel really proud that I get to be a part and learn from such an organisation. Eeeeeek okay getting excited writing this 🙊🙊So yes this is what I have prepare! If you’re going to NYT too this summer do post back on this blog and let me know how you found it – or what you’re expecting! Would be good to hear about your experience at the National Youth Theatre 😀

If you have any burning topics about drama school/auditions/NYT then drop me a comment and I’ll try my best to discuss and give my honest opinion!

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AA x

(Aspiring Actress)