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Man Met/ MST update

So guys news from Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre…

I did not get in 😦 ah well!

Someone emailed me and was telling me about their rejections from drama school and I really can empathise. It does suck, there’s no other way of saying it. But the important thing is to pick ourselves up and keep going!! Positive thinking, hard graft and a good heart and I really believe something good will turn out. Well, I hope so. 🙂

Till next time,

AA x

(Aspiring Actress)




Recall audition – Man Met/MST and Drama Centre update


Guys I actually really enjoyed my Manchester School of Theatre recall – it was so much fun 😀

Contrary to the small numbers at my first round, the recall had so many more! Apparently Man Met (in some cases) now have a third recall which is new to their audition system. Meaning there are more people applying and therefore more competition – woo.

But anyway let’s get to the positive.

When I walked in one of the teachers caught my glance and smiled at me so I thought that she perhaps recognised me from last year!! And I began the day in a pretty good mood 🙂 So the day started with a fabulous group warm up. I say fabulous because it felt very Central esque. And if you’ve read my Central blog I’m sure you’ll understand because today there was A LOT of people. Holey Moley. We were asked to run around the space and because there was so many of us there I thought I was going to hit into someone!! But thankfully I didn’t. Others did.

We did other things as well like stretching and breathing into the body, I guess just to calm people’s nerves and get ready for the day. So then we were split into about 3 groups and we had 3 different morning workshops: movement, voice and speeches.

Firstly, I had movement and the lady was stressing ‘we’re not looking for dancers, we are looking for physically imaginative actors.’ Well. I thought, thank goodness, because I am not that brilliant of a dancer!! But I enjoyed the movement and I’m glad that was my first class because it really woke me up! ( I was so tired coming because I hardly had any sleep the night before from worrying 🙈) bit of a pointless worrier over here! The next class was voice and I really enjoyed that sesh! The beginning focused on just getting our voices out firstly! Then that developed into humming whilst shaking out parts of the body to allow the breath to drop down. We also worked on using movement as a way of finding and discovering new sounds and I found it quite interesting. We had to do this later individually, which required you to be really in the moment. The next sesh was speeches and I thought this went alright! Just 2 monologues again and a bit of redirection and then that was it. Pretty good.

After the morning workshops the course leader basically said you need to go away and have lunch for 50 mins while we talk about you! So yeah – more scrumptious, nail biting, waiting for drama school results. I actually had to nibble on the breakfast that I failed to eat in the morning because I was so nervous. It’s so odd I was so nervous for this audition and usually I’m completely cool and fine. But OH no, not today. After a few bites of my breakfast and after having the break we all made our way back to the main room to find out the result. Now, at this point the course director was explaining that some will be recalled to the afternoon sesh and some will not, but he said if you’re not asked back for the afternoon then it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been rejected! (Sounds very Central, tell me about it) but basically some people from that point could be asked for a 3rd recall on a different day (which was what I was trying to explain before) or be given an offer, or rejection. Still trying to figure that whole thing out but not to worry – I was recalled to the afternoon sesh, yay!!

Now if we take a blast from the past I was here last year. So, to be honest, I was feeling just a smidge of pressure, but mostly good feelings! There was 8 of us left and I was called up half way through to do my monologues in the round, full of teachers and the other auditionees. Scary. I did both my classical and modern and then they redirected my classical, making me do it in several different ways. When I sat down I felt like I really gave it my best go and I was happy with myself. Not in a narcissistic way but I was happy with myself because I had tried my best. After everyone had been up the course director said we will find out our result very soon!!!

Ah don’t you just love waiting.

I love it so much. Can’t you tell?

Actually on the thought of waiting I have news!!! So after four rounds of Drama Centre auditions I finally have a result…


I am on the waiting list for the BA Acting.


(There’s 16 places with only  8 slots for girls… trying not to cry) and they still have 1st round auditions all the way up in April and May!!

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Am I sad or happy? I just don’t know. But HEY it’s not a rejection – which is a good thing. So yeah, I’m happy I’m not rejected!!

Till next time,

AA x

(Aspiring Actress)


Man Met/MST audition (30th of January 2016)

Man Met/ Manchester School of Theatre has a new home – well, a temporary new home just opposite Manchester Oxford Road Station. And yes, I did walk to the opposite end of Oxford Road to the old building where Man Met held it’s auditions last year.

So after an unexpected, prolonged walk I arrived at the new building and walked inside.


(And can I just say everyone had their parents with them, either side, and virtually had them holding their hands…must admit, I had a little chuckle)

I digress. Scrap the crazy stage mums and parents in the room because they are not relevant.

To my surprise, I found that there were only 5 girls here for the Man Met audition. :O Last year at my first round there were 30 applicants! And moreover, Man Met even contacted me to change my first round date from the 11th of Jan to the 30th because ‘there would not be enough applicants at the session to make it the best experience for you.‘ (True quote) Maybe Man Met had lots of first round sessions before Christmas? Or they now do auditions in smaller groups? I don’t know! But to be honest, you can’t really complain if you can count your competition on one hand. (However, at the final round last year, the other applicants were particularly strong so I knew regardless of the day’s hopeful stats, I still had to give it my best.) Oh and just to mention I got on to the waiting list but didn’t get in to this school last year.

There were two people on the panel who seemed welcoming and friendly when we walked in together as a group. We went into the movement room which was obviously quite a large space – so it was fantastic for the monologue sesh later. Firstly, the lady took the warm up which consisted of things like shaking your body and voice out, stretching, walking round the space with energy etc. Another thing she asked us to do was to think of one of our speeches and to walk around as that character as a 3,7 and a 9 for example. Not verbally showing the character but demonstrating purely in the body. I was actually getting really into mine and the guy off the panel came round to the side of the room where I was and sat down right in front of me. Maybe it was to put me off, who knows, but I kept going and tried to forget that he was there.

For the monologues we were asked to take a chair, and like Central, sit on either sides of the room and face inwards to the auditionee. My name was called and I went up first. I was pretty happy with my pieces and I felt they went okay – but you can never really dissect an audition panel!! Everyone else performed their pieces and I watched intently. It’s actually quite enjoyable to see what other people do in their monologues. Maybe that’s just me, but I enjoyed it.

Then the guy from the panel asked us to gather round him with our chairs and he basically described the course in full, which doesn’t happen at other schools ( I don’t think) and then asked did we have any questions. Admittedly, I didn’t have any questions but that was because I have stalked this course/website page/showcases/ teachers/past and current students!! You name it  – I know Man Met.

And that was the end of the audition. Pretty good.

Three days later I got an update from UCAS…

Recall 😀


By the way, I just want to say thank you to everybody who has been reading my blog lately! I started this not too long ago and I have received some lovely messages and emails from people who have enjoyed this site – so thank you very much 🙂 x





Hello there 🙂

So, I have decided to make a blog about my drama school auditions for the 2016 entry!

Admittedly, I have already had 5 first round auditions for this year but I will post them all separately on to this new blog! I’m excited to get started – never done this before! 😀

The schools I have applied for this year (in the order of dates) :

RADA, Central, Guildhall, LAMDA, Bristol Old Vic, Man Met and Drama Centre

Happy reading x