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RADA update

Hey guys,

So just got my letter from RADA and it says they are considering me for the course! So good news I guess!

Next up is the final for Bristol x


Recall audition – RADA foundation

Okay I admit I should have posted this a while ago but because I wasn’t so crazy about the whole thing I think I was a bit lethargic to write about it. But I’m writing about it now, so enjoy!

This was an all day workshop at the school which started around 9:30am and there was about 15-20 other people on the day. Ages were mostly 17-18 but then there was someone who was 22 or 23 so I thought hey I’m not a failure being here! (jokes jokes)… Not a very good joke, sorry. We played name games to start with, just to break the ice I presume, and then we played ball games but improvised so they could test our interaction with one another. Then we had a switch of teachers and this was a little bit like movement but not as intense as some other schools :’) So it was more of a thinking game really as he would say ‘elbow’ and you’d have to touch your knee, or ‘head’ and you’d have to touch your bum (how cheeky) and vice versa. Like the Guildhall recall, we were asked to build numbers and shapes associated with given words in groups of about 5 after that ( I guess to test our team building skills.) And this was fun but sometimes you can’t help to just call out in your head ‘BS’- you know what I’m saying? But obviously I was super positive throughout the whole day! Oh god this blog is getting more and more unintentionally sarcastic as I go on.

Anyway, so we switched teachers again for the final time and we had a sonnet to read as a group. Now, anybody who knows me knows I really like sonnets, but this workshop honestly felt more like an English lit class then a drama school workshop. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of analysis and pondering but jeez as an actor all you want to do is just dramatically read that thing!! It was a good workshop on the sonnet but their approach just surprised me a bit. Then we had a 5 minute break and we were spilt into 2 groups: 1 for interview and 1 for modern monologues, but after the first group had been interviewed they had to come in and do their modern straight away! So this was fine and it was interesting to see everybody’s modern. (Which literally consisted of rape, murder, sexual violence oh my goodness everybody’s monologue was so doom and gloom!!) Drama schools really don’t lie when they say everybody’s modern is like that. Finally, it was LUNCH TIME – HOORAH.

I’m skipping my lunch details because I’m sure you’re not too bothered about that!

The afternoon began splitting us into 2 groups again for the classical monologues (my fav.) So we went to a new studio this time which was long and narrow like my first round and I was second to go up. The lady said she liked my monologue but she redirected me to say it more to the other people watching and really make a connection. (Very guildhall :O) but I did it again and she seemed to be nodding and then she said I could sit down, so alright. I then had my interview which was with the course director Joan, who was lovely by the way! We just had a very informal chat about why I wanted to do the course and what did I think I had to do in the course to improve myself. Next we were brought all together in a new studio to do our shakey pieces to everyone and the teachers auditioning us. After that they had a Q&A and the panel basically said you’ll either hear quite quickly to say thank you for coming but no thanks, or you won’t hear till like June which means they are considering you and you’ll be put on the waiting list. It’s been a good amount of weeks since my audition so I guess they’re considering me? But honestly who knows, and this course is soooo expensive I don’t even know what I’d do if I actually got in. Anyway, I enjoyed the day and I guess it’s always nice to spend more time at RADA 😀


AA x

(Aspiring Actress)

RADA audition (10th of December 2015)

My first drama school audition for the year was ironically at … RADA.

I made my way to Gower Street and walked through the main entrance to RADA and was greeted by a group of people who were auditioning as well. We we taken to a small conference room by Sally Power (admissions lady) who chatted about the audition process and was generally very welcoming and helpful. We filled out our forms and then I was called with two others by a student to see the panel. I was second to be seen so I had some time to relax, breathe and think about what I wanted to show in my pieces.

My name was called…

I walk in to a panel of two; a man and a woman, both middle-aged and greeting me with a warm smile. I say hello and sit down and they make informal chat about where I am from and what the weather is like…

Anyway, so I get up and move the chair and take my space. I do my classical  – it goes well and I was pretty pleased. Then I go to do my modern and things seem to be going okay but I’m losing my focus and I don’t know why. So bar the slip in the middle I pull it together at the end, but I just think to myself ‘keep going.’ The panel then asked me back to come and chat to them. They asked me the usual questions – what am I up to lately, what theatre am I doing/seen/ etc and why do I want to come to RADA.

I shake their hands and thank them for their time and then I leave to get my train home. To be honest I thought the audition had gone well and my result came a week later.

I had been recalled for the foundation. Not overly happy to be honest, as the BA was my goal, but I was happy that I had a recall for RADA! Next up for me was Central!


Hello there 🙂

So, I have decided to make a blog about my drama school auditions for the 2016 entry!

Admittedly, I have already had 5 first round auditions for this year but I will post them all separately on to this new blog! I’m excited to get started – never done this before! 😀

The schools I have applied for this year (in the order of dates) :

RADA, Central, Guildhall, LAMDA, Bristol Old Vic, Man Met and Drama Centre

Happy reading x