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Final round audition – Bristol Old Vic

Now for BOV there are only 2 rounds as out of the 3000 that apply only about 200/250 are recalled, as they were telling us on the day; so this was technically the final!

I was actually meant to have this recall on a different date but thank the lord Bristol let me change!! (for personal reasons but it’s all good as I had my audition in the end.)

The day started at 9am and I came into the main room with lots of chairs facing a TV, funnily enough, showing last years BOV grads. This boy called Sam got chatting to me and he was telling me he was here last year for the final so I was able to ask him lots of questions! I was feeling good and really looking forward to the rest of the day. We were then split into different groups that would go around the different panellists on a carousel so to speak. My first session was… improv.


Okay now don’t look at me like that – I know you dread it too!! And if you don’t well, bravo. You’ll be a wonderful actor. Screw you.

If I think back on the session though it actually wasn’t that bad and dare I say it, fun? The whole class was just very free and playful and I felt closer to my group for it, which was lovely 😀 The lady taking our class was awesome so all in all it was a fabulous first taste of Bristol!

The next session was ‘the audition’ in the black box of doom as I like to call it. You literally do your speeches, filmed, in a black box theatre with all the heads of facilities watching. I felt mine went okay, not as good as usual, but alright. They film you at Bristol because they see so many people, so I think they use that as a reminder of who’s who. But never fear they delete all footage after the audition process so your 2016 rendition of Romeo won’t be popping up on youtube 10 years down the line at your Eastender’s reunion. So they tell you.

After the audition we had a finance talk and yada yada yada all good and well. If you don’t have the money you can’t go. Yippee.

Moving on to the next session which was movement. The lady taking this session was an ex professional dancer I think? But she seemed really into the whole class which was exciting for me because if I want to go to drama school for anything it’s passionate teachers. We used a lot of core strength in this class, so for instance, one move she had us do with a partner was to crawl sideways on our hands and tips toes and keep as close to the floor as we could but not touching it by letting our torso fall. Whilst doing this we had to remain direct eye contact with our partner. It was really physically demanding but also quite powerful to watch, as you couldn’t let your eye contact break. Continuing on with the partner work we had to respond physically to our partner’s first move in a next exercise and try to keep a momentum flowing. A bit dance like to be honest but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then it was lunch time and a well needed break to be fed and watered and ready to go for the second part of the day.

The first session after lunch was kind of like the improvisation but it wasn’t. The session was called ‘speeches’ but we only performed our modern monologue and then we did improv after that. I preferred the way I did my modern in the black box of doom then in this class. I don’t know something just felt a bit off to the way I did it here. But the improv part was fun as we got to think and create a character by picking up one of the hats left for us to choose at the back of the class. We then all had different hats on and by effect had all created different characters. We listened to everyone’s character and then we had to swap hats and perform their characters as well. It was an interesting session to say the least!

After this session we went to see this lovely old man, who I forget the name of now, to redirect our Shakey, and then after that go in individually to have our interview with the Head and Senior tutor of the school. So I did my shakey and the old man got everyone in the room to participate in my redirection to act as listeners in the scene. He said I really let loose of the emotion the second time I did it and I felt that myself, so I was so glad I got to work with him. Then after this I went to another room to have my interview. The panel were absolutely lovely. They asked me what I’m up to at the moment and about my past two years and seemed really interested in what I had to say. Also they asked the usual – how are you getting on with the other schools – and they said I had done very well which was nice to hear 🙂 They asked to see my Shakey piece and I did it with the redirection in mind, speaking it to the senior tutor, and it was great because he was giving me emotion!!! Oh my lord I was thinking finally this is why I want to come to drama school!! (Plus it was lovely to work with such a great actor!) The head, her name was Jenny, told me it had improved from the black box of doom. Woo. Good news. Then Jenny asked to see my modern as well and she decided to sit in the scene with me and reacted off of my modern. They were both laughing and giggling and they seemed to really enjoy it. They thanked me and then said I could go.

After this we had one more session to go … oh yeah the day is still going people! We had singing! And this was in THE smallest room so your voice echoes and bounces off the walls straight into your ears. Be prepared to sound loud in that room. It was a guy taking the singing and he tested our vocal range and asked about any singing history we had. We all sung our unaccompanied songs individually and then that was it.

Finally, the day had finished! We were all brought back to the initial room we started in and Jenny sat us all down and basically had ‘the talk’ with us. And I’m sure you can guess what talk that was. I can tell you now, it was deeply depressing. She mainly talked about the stats of people getting in. 12 people. Guys it’s so hard to get into this place. However, she congratualted us all for getting to this stage as she said if you weren’t good you wouldn’t be here! And I was proud of getting this far because the year before I didn’t even get to this stage, so it was awesome to spend the day at Bristol. I unfortunately did not get into this school but hell, it was great day. What a lovely place and what lovely teachers. If I don’t get Drama Centre, LAMDA or RADA this year I’ll definitely be applying here again.

Till next time,

AA x

(Aspiring Actress)


Recall audition – RADA foundation

Okay I admit I should have posted this a while ago but because I wasn’t so crazy about the whole thing I think I was a bit lethargic to write about it. But I’m writing about it now, so enjoy!

This was an all day workshop at the school which started around 9:30am and there was about 15-20 other people on the day. Ages were mostly 17-18 but then there was someone who was 22 or 23 so I thought hey I’m not a failure being here! (jokes jokes)… Not a very good joke, sorry. We played name games to start with, just to break the ice I presume, and then we played ball games but improvised so they could test our interaction with one another. Then we had a switch of teachers and this was a little bit like movement but not as intense as some other schools :’) So it was more of a thinking game really as he would say ‘elbow’ and you’d have to touch your knee, or ‘head’ and you’d have to touch your bum (how cheeky) and vice versa. Like the Guildhall recall, we were asked to build numbers and shapes associated with given words in groups of about 5 after that ( I guess to test our team building skills.) And this was fun but sometimes you can’t help to just call out in your head ‘BS’- you know what I’m saying? But obviously I was super positive throughout the whole day! Oh god this blog is getting more and more unintentionally sarcastic as I go on.

Anyway, so we switched teachers again for the final time and we had a sonnet to read as a group. Now, anybody who knows me knows I really like sonnets, but this workshop honestly felt more like an English lit class then a drama school workshop. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of analysis and pondering but jeez as an actor all you want to do is just dramatically read that thing!! It was a good workshop on the sonnet but their approach just surprised me a bit. Then we had a 5 minute break and we were spilt into 2 groups: 1 for interview and 1 for modern monologues, but after the first group had been interviewed they had to come in and do their modern straight away! So this was fine and it was interesting to see everybody’s modern. (Which literally consisted of rape, murder, sexual violence oh my goodness everybody’s monologue was so doom and gloom!!) Drama schools really don’t lie when they say everybody’s modern is like that. Finally, it was LUNCH TIME – HOORAH.

I’m skipping my lunch details because I’m sure you’re not too bothered about that!

The afternoon began splitting us into 2 groups again for the classical monologues (my fav.) So we went to a new studio this time which was long and narrow like my first round and I was second to go up. The lady said she liked my monologue but she redirected me to say it more to the other people watching and really make a connection. (Very guildhall :O) but I did it again and she seemed to be nodding and then she said I could sit down, so alright. I then had my interview which was with the course director Joan, who was lovely by the way! We just had a very informal chat about why I wanted to do the course and what did I think I had to do in the course to improve myself. Next we were brought all together in a new studio to do our shakey pieces to everyone and the teachers auditioning us. After that they had a Q&A and the panel basically said you’ll either hear quite quickly to say thank you for coming but no thanks, or you won’t hear till like June which means they are considering you and you’ll be put on the waiting list. It’s been a good amount of weeks since my audition so I guess they’re considering me? But honestly who knows, and this course is soooo expensive I don’t even know what I’d do if I actually got in. Anyway, I enjoyed the day and I guess it’s always nice to spend more time at RADA 😀


AA x

(Aspiring Actress)

Recall audition – Man Met/MST and Drama Centre update


Guys I actually really enjoyed my Manchester School of Theatre recall – it was so much fun 😀

Contrary to the small numbers at my first round, the recall had so many more! Apparently Man Met (in some cases) now have a third recall which is new to their audition system. Meaning there are more people applying and therefore more competition – woo.

But anyway let’s get to the positive.

When I walked in one of the teachers caught my glance and smiled at me so I thought that she perhaps recognised me from last year!! And I began the day in a pretty good mood 🙂 So the day started with a fabulous group warm up. I say fabulous because it felt very Central esque. And if you’ve read my Central blog I’m sure you’ll understand because today there was A LOT of people. Holey Moley. We were asked to run around the space and because there was so many of us there I thought I was going to hit into someone!! But thankfully I didn’t. Others did.

We did other things as well like stretching and breathing into the body, I guess just to calm people’s nerves and get ready for the day. So then we were split into about 3 groups and we had 3 different morning workshops: movement, voice and speeches.

Firstly, I had movement and the lady was stressing ‘we’re not looking for dancers, we are looking for physically imaginative actors.’ Well. I thought, thank goodness, because I am not that brilliant of a dancer!! But I enjoyed the movement and I’m glad that was my first class because it really woke me up! ( I was so tired coming because I hardly had any sleep the night before from worrying 🙈) bit of a pointless worrier over here! The next class was voice and I really enjoyed that sesh! The beginning focused on just getting our voices out firstly! Then that developed into humming whilst shaking out parts of the body to allow the breath to drop down. We also worked on using movement as a way of finding and discovering new sounds and I found it quite interesting. We had to do this later individually, which required you to be really in the moment. The next sesh was speeches and I thought this went alright! Just 2 monologues again and a bit of redirection and then that was it. Pretty good.

After the morning workshops the course leader basically said you need to go away and have lunch for 50 mins while we talk about you! So yeah – more scrumptious, nail biting, waiting for drama school results. I actually had to nibble on the breakfast that I failed to eat in the morning because I was so nervous. It’s so odd I was so nervous for this audition and usually I’m completely cool and fine. But OH no, not today. After a few bites of my breakfast and after having the break we all made our way back to the main room to find out the result. Now, at this point the course director was explaining that some will be recalled to the afternoon sesh and some will not, but he said if you’re not asked back for the afternoon then it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been rejected! (Sounds very Central, tell me about it) but basically some people from that point could be asked for a 3rd recall on a different day (which was what I was trying to explain before) or be given an offer, or rejection. Still trying to figure that whole thing out but not to worry – I was recalled to the afternoon sesh, yay!!

Now if we take a blast from the past I was here last year. So, to be honest, I was feeling just a smidge of pressure, but mostly good feelings! There was 8 of us left and I was called up half way through to do my monologues in the round, full of teachers and the other auditionees. Scary. I did both my classical and modern and then they redirected my classical, making me do it in several different ways. When I sat down I felt like I really gave it my best go and I was happy with myself. Not in a narcissistic way but I was happy with myself because I had tried my best. After everyone had been up the course director said we will find out our result very soon!!!

Ah don’t you just love waiting.

I love it so much. Can’t you tell?

Actually on the thought of waiting I have news!!! So after four rounds of Drama Centre auditions I finally have a result…


I am on the waiting list for the BA Acting.


(There’s 16 places with only  8 slots for girls… trying not to cry) and they still have 1st round auditions all the way up in April and May!!

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Am I sad or happy? I just don’t know. But HEY it’s not a rejection – which is a good thing. So yeah, I’m happy I’m not rejected!!

Till next time,

AA x

(Aspiring Actress)


National Youth Theatre audition & Drama Centre news (16th of February 2016)

Hiya. I’m back again. 😀

The National Youth Theatre/NYT. A young person’s dream who’s interested in drama. Well, it’s been my dream for a long time. Anyways, shall we get to the audition? Okay let’s go.

Today I decided to go to the London headquarters of the National Youth Theatre. Been dabbling in regionals a couple of times now so I decided for the lucky 2016 to come down to the old smoke!

So I walked in to a green room to tens of hopefuls waiting! Everybody gets a sticker to write your name on and then you are split into 2 groups. Leading my group was the lovely Joan and Tom, who were both theatre professionals. Honestly, this year I really enjoyed my workshop. I didn’t feel pressurised or anything. Just had a laugh. The morning workshop is just about having fun and listening to your ensemble. Lots of fun dancing like nobody is watching, playing Sherrif or ‘bang’ as some of you may call it and unraveling yourself out of a giant human knot – literally. Arms, legs, hands etc. You get to know your group pretty well.

After the workshop you have a lunch break and then everybody is given their own time to audition to one of your workshop leaders. In your separate audition one of the NYT ambassadors also joins in just to watch, or to help you if needed which is reassuring. NYT really makes you feel comfortable at all times. I’ve always had the feeling that they’re looking out for you and that they want you to do well!

I hope I did enough this year. But if not, I’ll be back!! And I’m sure I would enjoy it again because of the lovely time I had today! If you have any NYT stories/ experiences that you would like to share please leave a comment – would love to hear all about it 😀

So the news from Drama Centre…



🙊 x




Drama Centre audition (13th of February 2016)

Heads up, this is like the longest blog ever, sorry. Feeling particularly descriptive today. Enjoy.

Drama Centre *cough* trauma centre… wait, who said that?

(jokes, jokes)

This was such a tiring day oh.my.days. I feel sleepy just thinking about it. Drama Centre is part of the University of the Arts London (UAL) / Central Saint Martins – still figuring it all out, but BASICALLY Drama Centre is a very classical and accredited drama school in the UK. (Also, nice scrumptious fact, a lot of the RADA tutors teach here 😉 including the course director, who was the course director at RADA a few years ago before Ed Kemp.) Interesting stuff, I know.

Anyway, the audition day consists of 3 stages which you have to pass to get to the next, and then after that day there is another final recall day – so it’s a lengthy and rigorous process. First of all, UAL is absolutely massive and kind of intimidating if you ask me. I found it a bit overwhelming to be honest, but I found and made my way to the reception (which was a task in itself!!) so definitely google search this place before you audition.

Much to my luck, I was the first applicant to be seen out of the 50-60 people there, or maybe more, who knows. No pressure ey. So my name was called by the student and I walked into a medium sized, well lit room with a smiling panel of two; one middle aged woman and man. (Much like LAMDA and RADA panels.) I performed my two pieces and I thought they went alright and then I sat down for a brief chat. They asked me what I had been doing lately, asked me about the theatre I had done, and finally asked ‘why acting.’ I really dislike the question ‘why acting.’ I can never find the right words. When I do, I try to express it in some form of understandable language and then it just comes out as this cheesy, mushy and gushy line of bullshit. Okay, I have just ventilated out some drama school anger. I like writing this blog.

Back to the audition. So, remember me telling you how tired I was? Yeah, I had a beautiful 3 hour wait till the first dreaded list was put up. Fabulous, I thought. Note my sarcasm. Now you would think sitting is pretty much the laziest way to spend 3 hours, but trust me, it was 3 hours of major worrying over that bloody list! So my advice for anyone auditioning for Drama Centre is just get out of there and don’t look at ALL of the other auditionees going and coming out of the panels for 3 hours. Not healthy.

Finally, after the terrible wait one of the grads came over to the swarm of auditionees, clutching a clipboard with one of those expressions ‘ah, better luck next time.’ To my surprise, the guy was very genuine and real in his rejection speech to us all. He congratulated everyone for just having the balls to audition and I don’t know what it was but I got a real authentic vibe from him. Eventhough he only had 12 names on that list and that he fully well knew that 75% were about to be rejected, he was really nice about it. So props to him I guess.

Everyone always runs up to the lists at drama school auditions. I don’t like it. Freaks me out and I ahhh there’s something really cruel about lists but nobody likes rejection. Anyways, so I waited a bit and slowly made my way to the list. No… it can’t be… Did I just see? Yep, there it was, at the top. My name and my shakespeare piece they wanted to see.

And do you know what I thought? I’ve got bloody MORE waiting to do!!

(But I was secretly happy and relieved… Being recalled to the second round was a good feeling but I only had 30 mins for lunch and then I was first in again. Woo.)

The Second Round. Different Panel. Someone famous and I won’t say who because I don’t want anyone figuring out who I am from this blog (being anonymous and all :P) because I literally freaked OUT in front of all the other auditonees when I saw this guy. I was just so happy he was on my panel and I got to perform my shakey to him!! The second round was basically to see if you could reinvent your speech. I did mine a couple of different ways and it was fun, I really enjoyed playing around with my speech. Then they did the interview bit again and asked me again about my gap year, why drama centre and where this all started. I left the room feeling happy, even if I wasn’t recalled, I felt like I did my best.

And then… you’ve guessed it… more waiting… so I’ll skip to the list for your reading pleasure.

I got my things together and made my way to the list… honestly, it’s so dramatic walking up to that list. There it was again, oh my gosh, I got through to the third round. What?!

The Third Round was a workshop in front of a whole line of panellists and students from the school. We started with walking round the space at different speeds and just did improv exercises and games whilst the line of panellists made notes. Then we did this slow mo running exercise and then that was it. A younger lady, who must have been on another panel, told us that we would receive an email to say no thanks/ recall for another course/ or final recall day. I’m not sure to be honest if I’m going to get a final recall, I don’t know whether I stood out enough in the final workshop, but we will have to wait and see.

This has been a long blog,


Next up isn’t drama school but NYT which stands for the National Youth Theatre x

BTW Question to all of you readers – does anybody know what happens in the recall session at LAMDA? (And note, not the second first round but the recall day.) If anyone knows anything please do leave a comment or link another blog that explains because I can’t find anything!! Thank you!

Recall audition – Guildhall

I was so excited for this day. I just couldn’t actually believe that I was going back to Guildhall. Even though it technically wasn’t Guildhall it was Sundial Court (again) but nevertheless, I was going back to audition for the BA.

I got there with 10 minutes to spare and found a couple of people waiting. Good lord were people focused and tense. We were then asked to walk inside to the little waiting area with the 3 grads. I knew who they all were ( sorry major drama school stalker over here) but I just tried to remain focused. We wrote down the name of our pieces and song and then all went in to the panel for the movement/ warm up sesh. We started with walking around the room, meeting people’s gaze and observing what was around us. Then we went into a voice warm up, doing lots of breath and voice exercises and trying to loosen up the whole body. After this we were split into 3 groups and we were asked to make a shape spontaneously and then for the rest of the group to follow on. The main guy then asked us to freeze this shape and then continue the shape into a movement together as a group. We did more ensemble work as a group like making numbers like ‘107’ and to make a grand castle. I felt like all was going well and the other auditionees were actually really nice.

We also did the walk up to the spot and say our name, where we were from, what we like about acting etc. and a really funny thing happened that I noticed. When I walked up, took a breath and said my same the panel were gleaming – teeth and all. Then I said where I was from ( not London) and where I was born and both of their faces fell instantly. This really shocked me. You would think being at an acting school they would be able to conceal instant reactions …. Evidently not. But anyways I did not say anything – who knows maybe I should have been witty about the moment to laugh off their reaction, but I carried on and they said thank you and I sat down. After everyone had been up the main guy stood up and basically said there and then not all of you will be recalled, this is a really tough process and industry … Well basically he was looking at me and saying no. Fabulous. Then he said, but don’t worry we want you to do well! …

I was second to go in so I decided to warm up outside of the waiting area because oh my days the tension! I really concentrated on my breathing and I felt a lot calmer for it. I knew I could do this, it was just a matter of showing these 2 guys that I could. One of the grads then walked me up to the panel and he was making general chit chat with me, probably to make me feel comfortable which I thought was nice. My name was called and as I walked in the guildhall grad prounced my name to the panel.

I did my classical with the help of the grad and he smiled at me at the end of it and I thought hey that went okay. Then I went into my modern and the grad had a chuckle and at the end the main guy had a little chuckle, so again looked good. Then they asked for my 3rd piece and then asked me to sit down. No redirection at a recall? They  wanted to know about me and my travelling and they seemed really interested in what I learned from that. Then the main guy asked me so you’re applying to such and such schools and I replied yes and then he smiled and said okay. Then they finished the interview, said thank you and that was it.

I didn’t make it to the final round. Honestly, still trying to figure out what I did wrong, but the more I think of it I don’t think it was anything I did wrong. I honestly portrayed those characters to the best of my ability. Maybe that’s why I’m not crippled with the mourning of the guildhall dream right now 😉 haha give it a few weeks sure but I truly think that the decision was out of my hands. I got my feedback from guildhall and you’ll never guess… I got the grade B (which is good possible recall) in all of the acting and interview categories for things like truth, connection, courage, ability to listen and communicate and things like that. However, there it was, marked and underlined at the bottom – ‘whether our particular course would suit the talents of the candidate.’ So there you have it, guildhall didn’t think I was right for them. Don’t get me wrong I am sad about it, but I still know that there will be a right place for me.

Truth be told one of the main main reasons I applied to Guildhall is because I love the work of Patsy Rodenburg. Like that woman is a Shakespeare voice God and she really knows her stuff. And do you know what? She wasn’t even at the recall. But I’m determined. I’m still reading all her books and I’m sure I will get to meet her one day, even if I won’t be trained by her at guildhall :’)

Remember everyone keep smiling – someone has to get into drama school 😛

Bye for now! Next up is Drama Centre!! X